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Established in Sacramento Since 2008

Welcome to Sharpening Tech! With 25+ years of experience it all began when I was 16 years old working with my Father – a Master Craftsman in the trade of sharpening. We worked with knives, carpenter tools, jewelers tools, and many others. We soon moved on to Barber Chairs, Clippers and Scissors – servicing Barbers and Hairstylists, then on to the Pet Grooming and Livestock industries.  Blades sharpening: 

Within a few years we began developing our own hardware and machinery for other sharpeners in the field. Soon we began teaching students the trade and now hold one-on-one sharpening repair classes teaching the trade of sharpening and the trade of tooling your own machines.

Our Process

Sharpening Tech has invented high performance machines used to sharpen your blades. The sharpening is being done on water using a special wet/dry honing machine so your shear blade integrity will stay the same after sharpening. After sharpening we test every single blade to make sure everything is in working order.​ Using Sharpening Tech for your sharpening needs means your blades will last longer and stay sharper longer.

We complete a full analysis of your item and disassemble it (items MUST be taken apart), complete a full ultra wash, sharpen it according to your needs and budget, replace any parts if needed (for example, with scissors we may replace the washer, silencer, finger rest, reseal, ride line for silky smooth feel and less stress, as well as lubricate).

We then re-assemble, complete a tension adjustment, and complete three final tests that will ensure your blade is fully sharpened and ready for work. Our final test is to ensure your blade cuts hair from the beginning to the end of the blade.


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